Oxygen plays an essential role in almost every single function of your body and its’ effective metabolism comprises 90% of your body’s energy and 96% of your body’s nutritional needs. Deficits in oxygenation of your blood can account for fatigue, tiredness, poor digestion, and countless ailments. The air we breathe, known as Ambient air, contains 21% oxygen, not taking into account pollutants present in urban environments, and led our researchers to ask the question, what if you were able to access more of this vital element at any time easily, without a prescription?  Oxygen4Energy offers portable shots of 95% pure oxygen without additives or stimulants to support bodily functions and aid in the absorption of other key nutrients. Previous access to this level of relief from oxygen deficiency was only available from prescription tanks, while Oxygen4Energy is portable and does not require a prescription. Supplemental oxygen is widely accepted by the medical community to alleviate symptoms of over tiredness; short bursts of supplemental oxygen can alleviate these symptoms and provide nutrients and energy for increased performance, relaxation, and increase in general wellbeing. You are a few short bursts of pure oxygen away from increased wellbeing, higher performance, and increased endurance; what are you waiting for?


Medical Waiver:

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