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The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is the most important nutrient to the human body. You can go without food for weeks... without water for days... but only a few minutes without oxygen. Many people consider oxygen to be the elixir of life, and many medical experts believe that oxygen holds the key to many of our most prevalent diseases.

Oxygen therapy is quickly becoming a main focus in alternative medicine along with proper nutrition. Although many health practitioners swear by it, there is not much scientific evidence to back up their claims. This lack of research is most likely due to the fact that oxygen therapy cannot be patented at this point, thus there is no economic incentive to do any research. In other words, no one is willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollar researching a product that they can't make a lot of money on.

So how important is oxygen to your body?... here are a couple of facts that may surprise you: 1). Up to 96% of your body's nutritional need is for oxygen. 2). Oxygen is responsible for producing up to 90% of your body's energy.

Currently, the air we breath is approximately 20% oxygen. When man first walked the earth, it may have been as high as 30%. Have you ever noticed that when you travel to a big city with poor air quality you get tired faster?... Or when you travel to high altitude places, you get out of breath quickly, get headaches, or get dizzy? These are all symptoms of lack of oxygen. Certainly, there is enough oxygen in the air we breath to keep us alive and well. However, do we really breathe in enough oxygen on a daily basis to ensure OPTIMAL health and wellness?

recreational oxygen therapyLack of oxygen in your body can lead to:

  • poor brain function

  • poor physical performance

  • fatigue

  • headaches and dizziness

  • poor immune function

  • depression

  • and more

Until recently, oxygen therapy was only available through a medical doctor with a prescription. Now however, recreational oxygen therapy has become available in the form of oxygen concentrators, oxygen bars and portable canned oxygen.

It is important to note that recreational oxygen therapy is not for treating, preventing or curing any diseases. Only medical oxygen therapy can be prescribed for such purposes and must be administered with medical supervision. However, there are still many non-medical benefits to gain from recreational oxygen use like:

  • Sports and Fitness Training

  • Overcoming Fatigue

  • Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Coffee and Energy Drink Replacement (0 Stimulants / 0 Calories)

  • Hangovers

  • Headaches

  • Altitude Sickness

  • Jet Lag

  • Emergencies

  • Stress Relief

Certainly, any type of recreational oxygen therapy can offer these benefits, but it seems as though canned oxygen offers the most effective, convenient source of recreational oxygen since it is very affordable and completely portable (you can easily take it with you wherever you go).

So, is recreational oxygen therapy for you? That is something only you can decide by trying it for yourself. Like anything else, it probably doesn't work the same for everyone. However, when you consider its potential benefits, it's probably worth a try.

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