Oxygen4enegy for hangovers

Apparently, about 25% of people will never suffer from hangovers. For the other 75% of us,oxygen supplementation may be “the best thing since sliced bread.” If you’ve ever suffered from a hangover on a day when you had a lot to get done, you know that you’d try just about anything to make it go away!

Oxygen therapies and treatments are the hottest thing among trendy Americans these days (the MGM Grand reports over 75,000 people each year visit their oxygen bar)… and the latest popular use for oxygen is as a remedy or for hangovers.


In brief, drinking alcohol causes hypoxia, a state of oxygen deficiency in the brain, and impairs the brains ability to use oxygen. Although hangovers are believed to be mainly caused by dehydration, this deprivation of oxygen is also a main factor. The ability of supplemental oxygen to clear the mind, detoxify the blood and increase your body’s energy has been reported by many to help eliminate the terrible symptoms associated with hangovers, including headaches, fatigue and nausea.

Scientifically speaking, it takes 3 oxygen molecules to break down 1 alcohol molecule into acetaldehyde, and then into carbon dioxide and water. The more oxygen you give your body, the faster the alcohol will be broken down into harmless substances.

Flooding your body with oxygen after a night of alcohol consumption, followed by more oxygen when you wake up can do wonders to keep hangovers away and make mornings more enjoyable!

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