Retail oppotunity

Oxygen4Energy™ is currently seeking Retail Store owners who see the vast potential in this product and want to earn their share in the huge profits that will be generated.

Top Reasons why you should sell Oxygen4Energy in your Store
Great margins! Make up to 100% mark-up!


1. The product appeals to several large target markets including:
•    Sports and Fitness
•    Hangovers
•    Seniors
•    Altitude Acclimation
•    Mental Focus
•    Stress
2. Healthy alternative to stimulant and sugar-filled energy drinks and shots!
3. Used and endorsed by DOZENS of recognized, world-class athletes!
4. High customer satisfaction/return rate!
5. Eye-catching POP Displays that increase sales!

MSRP is just $9.95/can, so most people will be willing to give it a try! (Multiple uses per can. Cheaper per use than energy shots.)

Ready to earn a profit reselling Oxygen4Energy?