Oxygen4enegy for sports & science

  • OXYGEN combines with glucose to create ATP, the main energy source for your muscles. The more ATP your muscles have, the more powerful and explosive they will be.

  • When your muscles don’t receive enough OXYGEN to support their exertion, they begin to produce lactic acid, which can cause muscle fatigue and failure. The more OXYGEN your muscles receive, the slower the production of lactic acid and the slower the rate of muscle fatigue.

  • OXYGEN is needed by your body to metabolize lactic acid in the liver AFTER exercise. The more OXYGEN you get into your body POST-exercise, the faster your muscles can recover.

The bottom line is that OXYGEN can affect every aspect of performance for an athlete:

  • Power and Explosiveness

  • Endurance

  • Lactic Acid Muscle Burn

  • Training Intensity

  • Training Capacity

  • Recovery

  • Mental Clarity and Focus


  • Sports and Fitness FAQ’s

    If this supplemental oxygen is so good, why haven’t I heard of it before or seen other top athletes using it?

    Until recently, breathing oxygen was only available via prescription and was administered under a doctor’s supervision (except in oxygen bars). Because of this, only the most elite teams and athletes had access to it and could benefit from it. With the emergence of portable oxygen likeOxygen4Energy, everyone can now get the training and competitive benefits associated with increased oxygen delivery.

    Is using Oxygen4Energy safe?

    Yes. All research indicates that oxygen toxicity only occurs after breathing virtually pure oxygen for hours at a time. Each can of Oxygen4Energy contains approximately one minute of continuous flow oxygen per can, is not delivered at over 99% purity and is typically administered in several short bursts. There is no research indicating that short bursts of oxygen can be detrimental to your health. In addition, Oxygen4Energy does not have an airtight delivery system, so even though the cans contain 95% oxygen, that is not even close to what you are getting in your lungs.

    Will there be any negative effects on my fitness levels if I use Oxygen4Energy on a consistent basis?


  • Very doubtful. The body only starts acclimating to environmental oxygen level changes after being in that environment for hours at a time. In the doses recommended, physiological adaptations are very, very unlikely. It would be like trying to increase your red blood cell count by sitting in a hypoxic tent for a few minutes a day. Not very likely.

    How fast can I see results from using Oxygen4Energy?

    By inhaling supplemental oxygen through your lungs, it enters your bloodstream in seconds and becomes immediately available to create energy, fight fatigue, or neutralize lactic acid. You do not need to use Oxygen4Energy for an extended period of time before getting results. When used properly, your first use and every use can give you noticeable benefits.

    What is the best way to test Oxygen4Energy to see if it works for me?

    Make sure to test out Oxygen4Energy on workouts that you have done in the past where you really push yourself hard and the performance benefits can be quantified (changes in rep counts, amount of weight, speed times, times to muscle failure, heart rate measurements, etc.). Testing Oxygen4Energy in this way will give you the best assessment of what it’s really doing for you.

    How will using Oxygen4Energy effect the benefits I get from other supplements I take?

    Using Oxygen4Energy alongside other supplements should only enhance their benefits. Think of it like this… If you suddenly were able to increase your training intensity, wouldn’t you get more out of your other supplements? Of course you would! Oxygen4Energy also seems to work very well with recovery drinks that contain readily available glucose because oxygen and glucose combine to form ATP, the main energy source for your muscles.

    Is Oxygen4Energy oxygen enriched air legal?

    Yes. As of January 1, 2010, supplemental oxygen is no longer prohibited by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

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